About This Site and Me

My name is Joshua Moore, or Jyosua in most online realms. This site is a direct result of my desire to continue writing honest, well-researched articles, reviews, and other tidbits. I first started writing daily news and reviews for Gaming Bus about a year and a half ago. I’ve always enjoyed writing and also video games, so I felt this was a natural progression. Unfortunately, after I graduated college and started working as an Electrical Engineer, I found I no longer had the ability to write daily news in a timely manner. I started to rely more on writing reviews, running game streams, and writing more investigative-type news pieces.

My goal with this website is to become a repository of honest and intelligent writing with respect to the gaming industry. If it involves a game or game company and I feel it’s worth writing about, this is going to be my primary outlet. I don’t intend to dance around the issues at hand: if a game sucks, I’m going to say so. Likewise, I intend to also provide interviews and more unique types of writing in the future. I hope that with my no-bullshit attitude, which I have gratefully inherited from my editor-in-chief over at Gaming Bus, my thoughts will carry a bit more weight than the average gaming blog or AAA news publication.

Given that I will likely crosspost much of my writing to Gaming Bus, I’ve adopted the same review format I used for reviews there. Simply put, I will be rating games on a letter grade scale. C is a completely average game and serves as the median on which all grades will be based. I will also be utilizing the pros/cons and disclosure sections as well.